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RSPC Merdeka League Tournament Draw

Monday, 29 March 2010 09:40

Eight teams are entered for the 2nd RMPA Merdeka League Tournament of the year, to be held at the Royal Selangor Polo Club from 2nd to 10th April 2010. The success of the league, with registrations rising to 16 teams that have entered for this league, has led to a split in tournaments, with half the field staying in the Merdeka League, while other teams have stepped up to play a 1 to 3 goal challenge which will be conducted between Selangor and Terengannu in April and July respectively.

The schedule of play was drawn as follows:

2 - 10 April 2010

Teams drawn into two groups
Play within the group
Top of each group go into final.
2nd placed finisher of each group go into the match for 3rd/4th
3rd placed finisher of each group go into the match for 5th/6th
4th placed finisher of each group go into the match for 7th/8th

Group 1 Teams A, B, C, D
Group 2 Teams E, F, G, H
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
B vs C A vs C C vs D 7th vs 8th 3rd vs 4th
A vs D B vs D A vs B 5th vs 6th Final
F vs H E vs H G vs H
E vs G F vs G E vs F

The Draw was done on Sunday 28th March, as follows:
Group 1 Group 2
A 1 Pahang E Bunga Raya
B La Sarita F Terengganu Polo Club
C Hyatt Pahang G Head Hunters
D Ganu Iskander H Kiara Polo

Friday 2nd April
B vs C La Sarita vs Hyatt Pahang
A vs D 1 Pahang vs Ganu Iskander

Saturday 3rd April
F vs H Terengganu Polo Club vs Kiara Polo
E vs G Bunga Raya vs Head Hunters

Sunday 4th April
A vs C 1 Pahang vs Hyatt Pahang
B vs D La Sarita vs Ganu Iskander

Monday 5th April
E vs H Bunga Raya vs Kiara Polo
F vs G Terengganu Polo Club vs Head Hunters

Tuesday 6th Aoril
C vs D Hyatt Pahang vs Ganu Iskander
A vs B 1 Pahang vs La Sarita

Wednesday 7th April
G vs H Head Hunters vs Kiara Polo
E vs F Bunga Raya vs Terengganu Polo Club

Friday 9th April
7th vs 8th
5th vs 6th

Saturday 10th April
3rd/4th Place Match

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